Digital marketing; what are its most important terms? And how do I start?

Digital marketing; what are its most important terms? And how do I start?

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E-marketing is the process of promoting and selling products and services by taking advantage of online marketing methods, such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, and email marketing.

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The digital world is full of marketing terms and acronyms such as RoI, cost per click, click rate (CTR), KPI, and countless other shortcuts.

Digital marketing is a comprehensive term used to describe any type of internet marketing, including search engine optimization, and social media marketing, we will divide digital marketing terms into several categories in line with previous rankings.

Social media marketing terms

  • Key Performance Index – KPI

KPIs appear in all types of marketing and are used by businesses to measure the success of their campaigns.

 Your KPIs can be any kind of analysis such as CTR, participation rate, bounce rate, etc.

  • Cost Per Action CPA

This metric is used to determine the cost of acquiring one customer, and you can calculate this by dividing the total cost of your campaign by the number of conversions.

This metric is important because it actually shows you how much you spend per conversion, if that cost is too high, you should consider reworking your marketing campaign.

  • A / B Test

When you run any type of ad, it’s best to split the test, i.e. it’s going to be 2-3 similar ads that are all displayed at the same time to see which one performs best.

You can play the same image and switch the version or vice versa, and the A/B partition test will help you better target your audience by showing the ad that impresses people the most.

When you’re done with the partition test, you’ll be left with an ad that performs great and helps you attract these potential buyers.

  • Cost per Impression CPI

This indicator measures how often your ad appears on a site whether the user has already seen or interacted with it.

This is similar to the marketing term “reach”, but reach measures how many people see your content;

  • Call to Action CTA

It’s usually a button used to get your customers’ attention and make them click, buy or provide you with their email, or any other action you want them to take.

They can be used in social media ads, email campaigns, or on your website.

 The CTA statement should be able to attract the attention of your customers.

E-marketing terms through search engines

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO

Improving a search engine is the primary way to move your site to the top of search engine rankings, and there are many actions to follow, such as:

  • Identify the targeted keywords you want to categorize your business, and improve your pages with these keywords.
  • Write blogs and get background links.

This search engine marketing method takes some time as search engines will need to crawl to your site to follow any changes you make.

  • Price per Click PPC

Paid ads that run as soon as you set up your ad campaign, and if you have the budget and you’re willing to spend it, you’ll be at the top of Google search results in a short time. PPC also includes keyword search, but instead of optimizing the page, you’ll need to create ads.

Ads include two short titles and a description, a link to your website, or your landing page, and you can also include extensions such as your business phone number or links to additional pages on your site.

  • Position range strength – DA

The strength and ranges of sites range from 1-100 that are allocated to websites by Moz, an online marketing analytics company.

And you should know that the more you have your range, the stronger your website is, and the more likely you are to rank.

E-mail marketing terms

  • E-mail Service Provider ESP

ESP is an acronym for e-mail service provider, a software service that helps email marketers send email marketing campaigns to their subscribers.

ESP must host email marketing services for unlimited customers and companies around the world, and the best email service provider must include the ability to:

  • Create and create e-mail subscriber lists.
  • Customize e-mail templates.
  • Send emails manually or automatically.
  • Provide detailed campaign reports and analysis.
  • Includes customizable options and dynamic content.
  • to help break up the list and more!
  • Click-through rate CTR

Click-through rate (CTR) is a measure of how many people clicked on an image, hyperlink, or CTA in an e-mail message.

  • Flexible bounce

A flexible bounce is an e-mail that fails to deliver for temporary reasons, and these minor bounces occur when the file is too large or when the recipient’s inbox is full.

These bounces aren’t nearly as problematic as hard bounces, and ESP usually tries to connect these bounces again.

Remote work sites require an electronic marketer

Remote work sites help companies get people doing the jobs required for projects or job roles that don’t always require hiring.

كما وتسمح المنصات المستقلة للمهنيين المستقلين بإنشاء ملفات تعريف ومشاركة مجموعة العمل والتواصل مع أصحاب العمل المحتملين.

on these platforms.

Based on skills, experience and other research criteria, these capabilities help companies focus on their core business activities and take out-of-business projects that may require a lot of time or employment or require skills currently absent from the company, we will briefly include these platforms and sites in this article:

The most important remote work sites for marketers:

Remote work sites for English speakers:

Fiver is a market platform for service performed by its users.


You can find a lot of business owners on it, and we recommend it when you’re sure you’re professional with the skill you offer.

On this site the competition is very high, so you have to follow the site first and foremost, enabling companies to reach qualified professionals from all over the world on demand.


تم تصميم سوق الخدمات المستقلة هذه لربط المشترين والبائعين في مكان واحد، وهي تحظى بشعبية بين المستقلين لأنها تتيح لهم تسويق خدماتهم بسهولة، ودعم المحترفين والمبدعين والتقنيين.


The PeoplePerHour market allows professionals around the world to find work that suits their qualifications, improving the way sellers communicate with companies while providing them with a variety of tools required by independent tasks.

Displays many features that include proposal presentation, in-app messages, account management, and billing, and pricing plans come in the form of different plans such as monthly, or one-off, payments.

Remote work sites for Arabic speakers:

  • Khamsat
  • Mostaql

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