About us


We are an agency specializing in creative web design, web development, digital marketing and online media solutions. Our market is limitless; we similarly work with individuals, start-ups and well-established companies, and regardless the field of business. Based on the quality standards we set, our team creates outstanding personalized projects and campaigns accordingly. But before that, we listen to each client’s needs to make sure we understand them well and know how to suggest improvements. We believe that beauty and efficiency only last if they are combined together.


You always receive exactly what you ask for. The exact plan, timing and work components are always written down and agreed upon


The mission of MA Global Group is to offer our clients the right recipe for maximizing their presence in their respective markets. We deliver the best creations and solutions through the use of modern technology and continuous learning. The company includes in its mission the search for team members with the highest learning abilities.


To reach the highest level of customer satisfaction in the market Horizontal integration: the client should only need to get in contact with us and be assured we provide every online solution he needs To slowly and surely expand our services beyond Turkey while maintaining the same level of quality To become a reference and a source of knowledge for the new generations of web designers and developers


The beginning of MA Global Group was in 2014 when the creator of the idea and eventually founder of the firm started by offering graphic design, website design and programming services as a part-time freelance job. He offered his services through the website he created and called MA Tasarım. MA Tasarım was officially opened as a registered personal company in 2016. The company grew quickly and widened the range of its services, equally focusing on web development and programming, as well as Digital Marketing and motion graphics services. In 2018, MA Tasarım became registered as MA GLOBAL GROUP limited company, and added application development and video production to its range of services. It is also the year it was rewarded the status of Google Partner due to its successful campaigns and follow-ups.


Our happy team!

Mohamed Abbas

CEO & Founder

Fatima Zahraa Alaoui

International Relations

Israa Harb

Content Manager

Mohamad Abdulkarem

Art director and creative artist

Abdulrahman Alturkmani

Motion graphic designer

Barzaj Natch

Head of Programming

Yassin Altamimi

Google Marketin Specialist

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