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We aim to create quality and solution-oriented services in order to create creative web design activities and reflect special services for you. MA Global Group, which closely follows technology and maintains all its services in coordination with technological developments, manages to become your biggest supporter in the digital world. You can also start working with us to be one of the most successful brands in the world and to be proud of being a business partner of a growing brand in the digital world with its solutions that highlight quality. With its creative and innovative insights, MA Global Group is always with you!


To meet the demands of our customers with full meaning and to carry the timing and quality standards to the highest levels.


As MA Global Group, we work to ensure that our business partners can capture the best in their sectors. While we care about technology and being open to innovation, we always prioritize solutions that will add value.


While we desire to carry customer satisfaction to the highest levels, we also care about being in constant communication with our customers. Based on this understanding, creating solutions that differ and growing together with our business partners is one of the main goals for us. We aim to achieve the ideal of being a growing brand of Turkey with our strong team and infrastructure.


The idea, which started as a part-time design activity in 2014, laid the foundation for the birth of MA Design. MA Design, which meets the corporate identity and other needs of brands, managed to become a registered trademark in 2016. Growing in the field of Web development and digital marketing and diversifying its services, MA Design expanded its service portfolio and became MA Global Group in 2018. MA Global Group, which offers video production, content writing, programming and many more options within the service; As a Google Partner, it serves in different geographies of the world.

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