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How MA Global Group as a Google Partner is an advantage for you

As a certified Google Partner, MA Global Group increases your brand awareness and delivers more satisfied customers to you more often by targeting audiences more efficiently. We know the best keywords and the best strategies, which we combine with the Google Ads specialties we offer you to maximize your investments.

What is a Google Partnership

Ever wondered what it means when a marketing firm advertises that it is a certified Google Partner? That badge actually tells you a lot about the business. Google Partner status isn't just handed out; it has to be earned. Not only must employees pass several tests, the business itself must prove that it can meet strict requirements to become a partner. Once a firm has a minimum number of employees with individual qualifications, it must meet certain other criteria to become a Google Partner. A Google Partner must demonstrate the ability to offer a high level of customer service. Not only must the company have at least one certified employee, but it also must already have a large base of small or medium business clients and be able to support that base with either telephone or email customer service. It must have the infrastructure available to support thousands of clients. Companies who meet these requirements are awarded badges that they can display on their websites, along with links which take you the details regarding their partnership with Google. When you see this badge, you know that you will be dealing with a company that is able to optimize campaigns in the most professional and efficient way. Besides, the more Google services, specialties and languages does a firm offer, the more competitive it becomes on the market.


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