How to design a website

Designing a great and ideal website may seem difficult but as long as you keep the basic rules in your mind you will find this process entertaining and interesting.Dreamwaver web design applications are good but if you want to design an HTML-based site, such applications will hinder your learning process.Web design using HTML will give you better control over the design process, which will result in better control of your site itself and a deeper understanding of it, which will enable you to create better websites much faster.The most successful design of a web site is when it gives a common denominator with the user to the minimum, meaning that people who do not know the use of the computer should be able to browse within the site easily.Some traditional approaches that do not change at all are the design style and this requires traditional application within modern technology.Site layout requires the basic elements that guide end users to find their requirements easily and without suffering as they browse.

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