The impact of electronic marketing on society

the impact of electronic marketing

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The impact of electronic marketing on society. There is no doubt that the process of electronic marketing in our societies and contemporary times has gained a major role in building societies. This is because the primary goal of e-marketing is the development of societies by transforming social media and other sites on the Internet into markets that work on developing youth and societal skills within society.


The impact of electronic marketing on society

The great technological development has led to a significant impact in the business field for companies and institutions, as it led to the launch of the e-marketing process that has several impacts on society, including:

  • The impact of electronic marketing on customers

The electronic marketing process allowed customers to obtain the required information in various fields, whether the information concerns the products or services provided, their locations, and how to receive them.

  • The impact of electronic marketing on graduates and the job seekers

The e-marketing process helped create new opportunities for large numbers of graduates and the unemployed. There are a large number of these people who did not study trade majors in universities because of their ease and good mastery of them.

As for graduates of colleges of commerce and economics, e-commerce sites and self-employment encouraged them to work on projects related to their specializations and achieve some financial income through it, and alleviate unemployment and the number of unemployed.

This led to an increase in the income level of the youth in society, which is the largest and most creative group. It can be exploited by increasing the level of income and creating new projects that benefit them as individuals as well as benefit societies.

Digital marketing has contributed to educating young people and introducing them to the existence of all electronic payment methods for young people that were not previously available, such as: payment by PayPal, and payment by credit cards, which contributed to the spread of this culture greatly, especially in Arab societies.

The impact of electronic marketing on product manufacturers

Digital marketing has made it easier for product manufacturers to sell their products in all interested global markets. This has helped them in this revolution of the Internet and social networking sites to increase the sale of their product, and reach the largest. A target segment, as well as help them know their characteristics, needs and preferences. It also contributed to the opening of large electronic markets that make it easier for product manufacturers to reach customers and communicate with them directly.

The electronic marketing process also saved the costs of the marketing process on the product manufacturers and greatly increased their profits. In the past, the costs of marketing were much higher. You would normally need publications, marketers, and other of these many requirements, but now the marketing process does not need all these complexities.

All you need only is to build a website or a professional store for products and display them in it. And then hire a professional marketer who has great skills in attracting customers and attracting their attention in order to start marketing products and attract interested customers, and then start making sales and profits.

What is the impact of electronic marketing on the people’s culture

Digital marketing works to change the culture of people towards new horizons and a better outlook for the future. And to start learning about this field, which will be among the prosperous areas of the near future and which will completely change the concept of trade. And its shift from traditional trade confined to selling in local markets to selling to the whole world.

When the culture of people changes, especially in our Arab countries, to be more interested in the field of e-marketing, the economy will begin to grow and progress gradually towards the better. The energies of Arab youth will be exploited to achieve self-sufficiency and meet their needs. Which will gradually eliminate unemployment and crime in these societies. Consequently, it reflects on these countries to become stable and secure, and become from the developed countries and out of the melting pot of developing countries.


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