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The Digital Marketing steps that we will include in this article in a simplified way, start with the preparation of your digital marketing strategy.

It is indeed an integral part of the growth of any companies as it identifies the tasks and procedures needed to ensure that marketing goals are achieved, and the direction toward which you need to move.

To help you create an electronic marketing strategy for your business, we offer you digital marketing steps, and the method to prepare a strategy that includes both basic and innovative points:

The 5 most important steps for Digital Marketing

We’ve chosen the 5 main steps any decision-maker should follow to make sure their digital marketing efforts have a real impact on the final earnings.

Before that, here is a list of crucial elements you should pay attention to:

  • Know what you want and set a target

Select the overall task or goal of your business first, the digital marketing goal must fit into your bigger strategic plan.
You should also find an answer to the question: What is the ultimate goal that you want your digital marketing efforts to achieve?

  • Set and measure your KPIs

Be specific when it comes to your KPIs by identifying the numbers you will be responsible for.

Be realistic about your KPIs by analyzing previous e-marketing efforts first.

This will ensure that you seek an increase in your current results.

Select the best way to measure each of your KPIs.

For example, would you use Google Analytics to measure your conversions? Or your individual social media analytics to track interactions or a tool like BuzzSumo to evaluate the success of marketing your content?

  • Analyze your past results and learn from your mistakes

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when analyzing past success and failure of your digital marketing strategy and your failures helps you focus on identifying the best KPIs for your business.
Therefore, you may want to complete these two steps together.

  • Define your financial resources and stick to your budget

It is important to assess all your resources before deciding what you may need in the coming period.
For example, now is the perfect time to create an audit of your website, or your social media pages, and determine whether you’re self-sufficient, or if you should be hiring a marketing company.

  • Set the right plan

Put your own plan and make sure it is flexible, since not every assumption you make will be correct, even if you work hard to craft a carefully built plan based on a set of in-depth assumptions and analysis. But you can still predict how your customers behave.
Therefore, it is necessary to constantly measure and monitor the performance of your digital marketing strategy, and change the elements when needed.

Steps to start a digital marketing project

You’ve reached the right place to solve all the challenges of digital marketing for your company.
You’re excited and nervous, and you’re thinking, “Where do I start?”

Although it would be easier to complete this with the help of an expert in digital marketing, or a company that provides digital marketing services, the following five tips will help you prepare a successful marketing project:

Step 1: Arrange your brand priorities (and brand assets)

First, you should consider determining whether you really need a full-service project and brand to get to know your audience and your position yourself in the market.
Assuming you don’t have a brand for your project yet, any agency would want to build a brand for your own business.
Marketing agencies often have to work with entrepreneurs, creating brand consistency in their online presence.

Step 2: Access data

In any company, there is a huge amount of data ready to be analyzed.

Instead of starting from scratch, you can connect with a digital marketing company. Depending on their experience, they would have a large database.

The agency may ask you to provide it with some data to track information. Meet with the management team to learn how to track the information and tools they use.

Once you have access to these tools, the marketing company will use its own knowledge, follow sales reports, website analytics, and customer profiles.

Don’t stop there, and all the information that can work for your project will be formed, and you’ll guide the project towards the goals you had set.

Step 3: Identify your products/services and what makes them unique.

Ask yourself why someone would choose to buy from your company instead of a competitor.

Getting different perspectives from within the company will help you find the answer.

People who know the company from within will be your best source of information. So find out what each of them is thinking and talk to them about the products.

Start with the sales team, they’ll help you find the best approach to selling your product, as strong knowledge of the product will lay the foundation for a successful marketing project.

Step 4: Set clear goals and expectations from your team

You can’t achieve a goal without understanding expectations. Your boss might tell you to increase traffic to the website, but what they’re really asking for is more potential customers or sales across the website and your social media accounts.

Step 5: Formulate a marketing plan and determine the budget.

Explaining how your digital marketing project is appropriate for your final business plan will allow you to increase your additional efforts.

So, before you create your plan, it’s important to have a strong understanding of what it exactly is.

Usually included in your overall business plan, your marketing plan is a document detailing everything you need to know in order to successfully promote your business.

You should also take into account all the strategies that are best suited to your business, and all the modern digital marketing methods and practices.


If you are looking for digital marketing services, we at MA Global Group offer you various areas of expertise and ensure that you reach your goals.

We are a marketing company and have a partnership with Google, the details of which you can see through this link.

You can also contact us and get to know us and our team here.

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