Types of marketing strategies

marketing strategies

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The marketing strategies that any company can use to achieve its marketing goals are varied. But not all marketing strategies can be used by the company at the same time. It is rather better to focus on only one or two strategies at the same time as success cannot be achieved by working on many strategies at the same time. Marketing strategies help companies in general to market their products correctly and effectively to reach the right audience at the right time needed by this audience through delivering the right product to the audience at the right time.

What we mean by marketing strategies

It is the methods that are followed by companies in order to open ways of cooperation with the target audience with the aim of bringing it to the stage of purchasing the product with complete conviction.

Marketing strategies are also considered as converting the cold customer into a hot customer, meaning that the cold customer is not ready to buy on the launch of any product or service. A marketing strategy must then be followed based on knowing his interest in a specific product or service and starting to convince him with it by mentioning its advantages and benefits for him as a customer. It ends with convincing him completely to buy this product.

It is better to devise new marketing strategies that help attract the interest of different targets with what your company offers and try to make them your permanent customers.


Marketing strategies that can be followed to bring in new customers and generate sales for them

Marketing strategy according to a specific reason

Your company will succeed in attracting the public’s interest by cooperating with it if you market your services to them according to a specific reason, such as choosing a social event that all people love and appreciate in order to market your services as a company.

For example: Choose the 11/23 of each year called Black Friday, which is an occasion all the world is waiting for to buy different products and services because of the huge reduction in their prices.

Products can also be marketed on holidays and national occasions for the countries they target, it will be great and the amount of sales that will be achieved might be surprisingly high.

Marketing strategy through social networking

A wonderful method that seeks to gain the loyalty of existing customers and build strong mutual trust between them and your company, making them work as marketers for the company’s services and products, motivated to return the favor to you for what you provided to them and won their admiration.

Covert Marketing Strategy

It is a strategy that depends on the company’s marketing of its products and services to customers without the customers being able to determine what marketing strategy was followed in the marketing process and reach them. It is a very effective and powerful strategy that adds a kind of awe, strength and professionalism to your company, and makes customers tend to deal with it immediately and impress completely.

Cloud marketing strategy

It is a marketing strategy that relies on collecting all possible information about products and services and marketing them at once across many online marketing platforms, in order to target thousands of customers at once in the marketing process, taking into account targeting the right customers on these platforms as much as possible.

Strategy for shopping coupons and product price discounts

It is a successful marketing strategy at all times and everywhere, and it can always be used to obtain continuous sales of products that are promoted very quickly, especially if the products are in great demand by the public. In this case the product will be sold very quickly and surprisingly. The tip is that it is not used for long periods.


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