What are the most successful advertising campaigns?

advertising campaigns

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Advertising campaigns are a crucial element for the success of any marketing business and its reach to the target audience for the purpose of continuous sales and the success of a project in the field in which it operates.

Therefore, a successful marketer should be professionally able to create and manage successful advertising campaigns efficiently.

But first, he or she must learn about the world’s most successful advertising campaigns which can be taken as an example to make historical campaign like the ones we explore below.



Types of Marketing Campaigns

  • TV and radio ads were the most popular advertising tools in the past, and are still sometimes used at the moment if desired.

It is the perfect solution to reach out to the whole community without differentiation, and attracting their attention. Television and radio ads are still used to date and there still are people who prefer to use them.

  • There are print ads that are usually in the form of pictures and write together in the same ad.

These include street billboards, newspaper and magazine advertisements, as well as all forms of printed advertising.

  • Other popular advertising campaigns are also held at marketing events and conferences either locally or internationally.

These events are annual and the most famous marketers meet and give quick lessons to people.

  • Online paid ads, on the other hand, are becoming more popular campaigning tools today. This is mainly because they are able to accurately target the right audience.

Doing so helps in getting more accurate interaction with the publications, while increasing brand confidence by the target audience.

Social media ads are also popular among employers. It provides them with accurate tracking of their advertising campaigns through the social media sites themselves in a very advanced way.

Among the most popular online paid advertising campaigns are those on social media, and mostly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Another way of advertising online is the design of campaigns across global search engines, such as on Google via Google Ads, or on Microsoft’s Bing Ads.


Success stories

One of the most popular advertising campaigns in history and one that has won the admiration of the public is a branding campaign realized by an American underwear company

The Management had decided to hide $1,850 inside a lingerie box with its new designs in every block in the city. Whoever finds the box owns the money inside of it. All he or she has to do is take a picture with the box and the money.

Another popular advertising campaign was one launched by Pandora Jewellery. The company released a touching video about mothers and children, asking the children to guess who their respective mothers were while having their eyes were blindfolded.

The children who succeeded in identifying their mother were offered with a gold prize from the company, and the campaign was entitled “Every woman is unique”.


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